Streamlining Part-Exchange Appraisals: Transforming the Car Industry with Appraisee’s Digital Vehicle Appraisal Software


The car industry, in general, has benefited from the switch to paperless technology and one procedure thathas benefited from this is the part-exchange appraisal process.

In its existing format, the typical part-exchange appraisal process would look like this.

The salesperson would write down the specifics about the part-exchange on a trade appraisal form. This would require the salesperson to record the Year, Make, Model, Equipment, Mileage, VIN, and any other pertinent information about the part-exchange.

They would then complete a walkaround of the vehicle checking it is mechanically sound and noting any cosmetic damages that would need to be repaired. Most dealerships would also require the salesperson to take pictures of the vehicle as well.

Finally,the salesperson would download the pictures, scan the vehicle appraisal form, and then email everything to the sales manager for them to put a valuation on the vehicle.

The sales manager would in turn crosscheck any noted damages against the images provided so they could estimate reconditioning costs. Learn what similar specification vehicles retail for and they might also run a finance and history check as well.

Imagine this at scale where a typical dealer is doing hundreds of appraisals per month not only can this be error-prone and difficult to manage but it also can be extremely time-consuming and cumbersome.

As a result of this appraisee has brought in a new digital vehicle appraisal software that has enabled dealerships to appraise, value, and carry out other checks on cars, then store or send the information anywhere via smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

This auto appraisal software means a vehicle’s tax status, MOT information, valuations, accurate condition,and Finance and History checks are all available in the vehicle appraisal software app so everything the sales manager will need to accurately price a vehicle is at their fingertips.

Once an evaluation has been made in the used car dealership appraisal tool it can be easily shared with the sales team allowing for a more efficient process from appraisal to valuation. All valuations are instantly uploaded to the cloud where they can be accessed at anytime, anywhere.

What also makes appraisee unique from other auto appraisal software solutions is the ability to be able to send part-exchange details to other third-party vendors, like the auctions, or the trade.

Another feature that sets appraisee apart from other used car dealership appraisal tools is their dedicated ‘Price My Car’ links. These dedicated links are used to digitise any vehicle appraisals that are coming from the dealer’s website, online marketing campaigns, and even from customers who want to do the vehicle appraisal from the comfort of their homes.

appraisee’s digital vehicle appraisal software takes into consideration the perspective of the car salesperson, the sales manager, the appraiser, and even the customer. Making it very helpful for all parties involved.

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