‘Price My Car’ 
Customer Self –Appraisal App

Accurate appraisal takes the guesswork out of the picture.

Engage directly with the customer through the palm of their hand.
PMC provides retailers with a customer mobile app version that not only allows a user to complete an appraisal from anywhere and at a time that is convenient to them.

Built-in chat feature enables two-way communication and promotion of special offers.

Instantly connects the dealership directly with the off-site customer

This best-in-class automotive self-appraisal app enables a customer the time and comfort of completing an appraisal at a time and location suitable for them.

‘Price My Car’ App Features


The customer can submit detailed HD images and video showcasing the true condition of their part-exchange vehicle from any location and at any time that is convenient to them.


The customer includes a detailed Checklist of their vehicle ensuring a proper and accurate data allowing the sales team sufficient details to pre-qualify and engage with the lead.


Get instant notifications once as soon as an appraisal is complete.


2-way direct communication. Instantly send customised and personalised promotional offers directly to the customer.


Book a test drive through the app.

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