What is appraisee?

appraisee’s centralised part-exchange platform is powered by a suite of software products that connect everyone in sales cycle and empowers management make data-driven decisions that drive profit, boost efficiency, and save time.

As the UK’s leading part-exchange system, appraisee offers a suite of products meticulously crafted to simplify the lives of those engaged in the management and pricing of used vehicles.

Automotive Software Solutions

If You Want A Part-Exchange Appraised Property, You Should Be Using appraisee…

Next Generation
Used Car & Part-Exchange
Management System
For a Digital Age

appraisee’s suite of products:

Digital Vehicle Appraisal App​

With every face-to-face interactions, appraisee allows dealerships to quicky and accurately digitise the vehicle appraisal process for Part-Exchanges. This digitalisation ensures transparency, accountability, and provides a complete audit trail for every vehicle appraisal.​

If you want your Part-Exchanges appraised properly, appraisee is for you.


Face-to-Face Interactions

Quick. Accurate. Appraisals Redefined

Price My Car

Leads Generating Tool

Turn Online Traffic into Showroom Visitors

Engage, Evaluate, and Expedite though Price My Car

When a prospect explores your inventory online, they’re just a click away from connecting with you and discovering what their Part-Exchange is worth.

Customer Self- Appraisal App​

Revolutionize the way your dealership engages with customers regarding their trade-ins. Our Customer Self-Appraisal App is your dealership’s secret weapon for enhancing customer interactions and Part-Exchange valuations.​

Price My Car

Customer Self- Appraisal App​

Accurate Appraisal Takes the Guesswork out of the Picture

Trader Bid Platform

No Auctions fees All in one Place

Selling to the Trade Effortlessly​

Our Trader Bid Platform makes it simple for your dealership to send vehicle details to third-party buyers. Instantly, they can bid and underwrite, making it exceptionally easy to sell your non-retail cars.

Streamline Buying From Private Sellers

We simplify the buying process with a one-page form focused on capturing essential details and high-quality vehicle photos. With fewer input fields, sellers can effortlessly provide the information you need to make an offer on their car.​

Dealerships can set specific buying criteria, including vehicle age and mileage, ensuring that only vehicles meeting these standards can be submitted. This guarantees that you receive inquiries for the exact vehicles you’re seeking to purchase.​

Sell My Car

Get the Inventory You Want, Effortlessly

Prep My Vehicle

Get Vehicles in Front of Customers Sonner

Maximize Efficiency with Prep My Vehicle

Preparing vehicles for resale has never been more streamlined. With our “Prep My Vehicle” solution, dealerships can take control of their reconditioning process and significantly reduce the time it takes to get vehicles ready for sale.​

Gain a bird’s-eye view of every vehicle in the reconditioning process. Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.​

About appraisee

Welcome to appraisee, your trusted partner in revolutionizing the automotive industry. With over a decade of experience, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the world of automotive software. Our journey has led us to work closely with dealerships in the UK, Ireland, mainland Europe, the US, and Australia, making us a global force in this dynamic industry.

Who We Are

appraisee is a cutting-edge software solution designed to meet the unique needs of car dealerships worldwide. Our mission is to empower dealerships with the tools they need to streamline their operations, drive sales, and improve overall efficiency. With a focus on transparency, accountability, and full audit trails, we are committed to delivering solutions that make a difference.

What We Offer

Our suite of products covers the entire spectrum of automotive operations. From comprehensive part-exchange solutions to vehicle reconditioning and digital appraisal, we offer the technology that puts you in control. Explore our range of solutions, including:

  • appraisee: Our flagship product, appraisee, connects everyone in the appraisal and reconditioning cycle. It offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience, ensuring that every vehicle appraisal is managed with precision and care.
  • Price My Car: Engage potential customers with our online “Price My Car” tool, making lead engagement and vehicle valuation a breeze. Our online lead engagement tool simplifies vehicle valuation for potential customers, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.
  • Prep My Vehicle: Streamline the vehicle reconditioning process, providing real-time visibility and increased efficiency. Increase inventory turnover by reducing the time it takes to get vehicles through the reconditioning process.

How We Do It

At appraisee, we pride ourselves on offering user-friendly solutions that connect everyone in the appraisal and reconditioning cycle. Our intuitive software guides users through each step of the process, from creating appraisals with photos and videos to sending instant notifications for review. We achieve this through our feature-rich solutions.

Why Choose Appraisee

  • Simplicity: We simplify the complex processes of the automotive industry with straightforward solutions.
  • Efficiency: Our software increases operational efficiency, saving you time and money.
  • Accuracy: Enjoy quick and accurate vehicle evaluations, giving you a competitive edge.

Join the growing number of dealerships that have chosen appraisee as their trusted partner in automotive software solutions. Discover the power of digital transformation with appraisee today.

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