• "appraisee © is an award-winning digital appraisal software for car dealerships. It empowers management make instant data-driven decisions about used cars ensuring the true profit potential is known before the commit to the deal."

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Undervaluing and miscalculating the condition of the vehicle at the appraisal stage can be the difference between a Profit or a Loss for your business.

What you get

A Simple change in your current part-exchange process will result in:
More Accurate Appraisals = Highter Profit Margins



Annual Savings for a dealership with a Sales Team of 5
Users see their Estimated Repair Costs -v-Actual Repair Costs reduce after appraisee has been in use for more than 9 months by an average of £47,059.



£126.76 16 increased profit
per part-exchange

How it works?

More Accurate Appraisals = Higher Profit Margins

What is appraisee?

appraisee is a software tool that instantly connects everyone in the appraisal cycle including: Sales, Management, Finance, Traders and the Customer (see our Price My Car App).

Users and Management can instantly communicate and share images and videos on the vehicle, review real-time valuation data on the part-exchange and request and review Finance & History reports.

That simplifies and speeds up the car appraisal process. It removes the time consuming and error susceptible paper method of evaluation and creates quick and precise valuations that are detailed, accurate and protected in the cloud.​

Sales managers can directly interact with their sales team at all times allowing for a more efficient process from appraisal to valuation. These valuations are instantly uploaded to the cloud where they can be accessed at anytime, anywhere.​ ​

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